Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eating Out: Cafe Hollander

Cafe Hollander in Tosa is one of my favorite places to spend a Sunday morning. This place is known to have a great brunch (aka hangover cure). It's not one of those stuffy white linen places, it's pretty casual. Full of fun art work and the building has exposed pipes in the ceiling. The serving staff is dressed down, wearing just a Hollander T-shirt and jeans. You'll feel comfortable if you’re wearing your Sunday best or if you just woke up on your friend’s floor after a night of intense partying.

If you do show up for brunch the first thing you will notice is that the place is packed. Normally I expect a 20-30 min wait. If you're like me at all this won't bother you, in fact it will give you the chance to have some quality time at the bar.

Hollander's Bloody Mary list is extensive. They have 6-7 different types that you can try. I'd suggest the Gin Mary.

Mix some beer with some OJ and you have the best morning drink ever created. This is a must in hangover treatment.

The Beer list here puts other bars to shame. It’s 16 pages long. You can get a beer flight and taste your way through 4 at a time.

The food at Hollander isn't crazy. It's simple American classics all done pretty well. You aren’t going to find Lion stuffed with Zebra Muscles here but you will find some good burgers and pancakes. With places like Hollander you have to wonder why anyone ever goes to Denny's or Webb's. The food here might be simple but I've never had anything bad.

All and all Hollander is a fun place to go. It's not super serious unless you're talking about beer. They are super serious about beer. I've never been to Hollander and not enjoyed myself. I think you would have to be some sort of sick horrible person to not have a good time at Hollander. I mean if you get bored and you don't like the people your with they have a game rack with games like "Rock'em Sock'em Robots" to keep you occupied.

Go Eat.

7677 West State Street
Wauwatosa, WI 53213

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Apple Ginger Margarita

"My rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after and if need be during all meals and in the intervals between them."
Winston Churchill

Apple Ginger Margarita

Milagro Silver Tequila with Cointreau and Thatchers Organic Apple Spice Ginger and a sqeeze of lime. Serve it on the rocks with a cinnamon-sugar rim.

With the closing of Haute Taco in Brookfield the city has a severe lack of places to enjoy a well made margarita. The North Star American Bistro has created this drink to help fill the void and speed up the healing process. Time heals all wounds Brookfield, but booze helps too.

North Star American Bistro
19115 W. Capitol Drive
Brookfield WI 53045

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eating out: Rumpus Room

The Bartolottas have been a Milwaukee standard in restaurant ownership for as far back as anyone can remember. Heck, Anthony Bourdain had them on his show. So this week we checked out the newest Bartolotta restaurant, Rumpus Room.

What do you expect when you go to a Bartolotta's restaurant? You probably expect the absolute best quality food, the best drinks around and the absolute best service possible, right? Bartolotta restaurants are where you take people from out of town, where you take your client when you want to show them how much they mean to you, where you take your lady friend for a very special night out. You are going to spend a fair amount of money but you will be more then satisfied and you will have something to talk about on Monday morning.

Rumpus Room is a take on an old english gastro pub. The beer list is impressive and the wine list has some great finds. The room itself is fancy but it still has a rustic charm. The wait staff is slightly dressed down in flannel shirts and jeans and the silverware is wrapped in a kitchen rag and not a linen. The rag was the only thing that looked odd to me. It seemed out of place with the high level of detail that went into everything else. The detailed pattern on the menu holders match the ornate decorations on the ceiling, but your silverware is wrapped in a rag. Just seems odd. I'm not trying to be a dick about it. It’s just the one thing that stuck out in my mind about the table setup. I mean someone had to put thought into it. Someone took a look at everything, from the nice wooden tables, to the dark wooden paneled ceilings, the crown molding, the dim lighting, the awesome menu holders, and then this person made the call that the silverware shall be wrapped in a kitchen rag. You’re not fooling anyone, we know this is a nice restaurant, no one really thinks they are in an old timey english pub. So what is the idea behind the rag? I'm sorry, it's just; this is a Bartolotta's right?

Before we move on to the food, let me just explain something. I'm going to be a little harder on this restaurant then I normally am. Rumpus Room you are part of the Bartolotta restaurant group and that means people will come in expecting excellence. They will expect to find the very best food. I did. Here is an honest review.

We started off with a cheese plate. Put cheese on a plate with a little honey and some toasted bread and you have a cheese plate. And that's exactly what you get here. It was ok but the bread was a little soft, and the cheese just looked like it was cut off a brick from Sendicks. If you think I'm being too hard on them, here's what we got at Balzac a few weeks ago.

All I'm trying to convey with this comparison is that Rumpus Room could have done more with this appetizer. The prices aren't exactly the same but they are close and how much does cutting up a strawberry really cost? We were satisfied with what we got, but there was no "Wow" factor.

Next we had some oysters, 3 half shells for $7.50, not a bad price. These were awesome. They were loose in the shell, clean and grit free. They were so good that we had three orders and still thought about getting more. Well done.

This is the Pub Steak, it hits your wallet for a reasonable price of 18 bucks. For a moderately priced entree it does the job. The carrots are full of flavor and the savory bread pudding is awesome. I thought the steak or the red eye sauce was a touch too salty but that is just a personal thing. I would order this again.

MMM the bone-in rib eye for 32 dollars for the win. It seems this could be the reason the cheese plate was so sparse. They save the cheese to pile it on top of this steak. A great cut of beef with the bone in, you can't mess this up. It was great.

It’s almost lent so we had a fish fry. I wish I had a better picture of the fries. They have those mushy accordion shaped ones that you can buy by the ton at Sam's Club. Normally, I think of fries as a minor part of a meal but with the fish fry the fries are half the meal. The fish was nice, white, and flakey. All and all it’s ok but I'd never say "Man you have to get the fish fry at Rumpus Room!"

This sandwich kind of sucked. I brought it home for my dog. She loved it. She also eats cat poop so take her opinion with a grain of salt. The sandwich was super greasy and the menu didn't say it came with an aioli on it, but there was some sort of mayo based sauce on this thing. If you’re going to have a veggie sandwich on your menu you have to think that the people that are going to order it are trying to be healthy. Don't soak everything in butter and oil, just grill up some fresh veggies and put them on some fresh bread.

Rumpus Room, all and all was ok. By normal standards it's a solid B+ or A- but by Bartolotta standards I'd expect a little more from the food. The service staff was great and we had a super attentive waiter that was warm and went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. If you get Mathew you can rest assure you are in very good hands. In fact you should request his section if possible.

Go Eat.

Rumpus Room
1030 N. Water Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Neighbor's Bloody Mary

"I'm Catholic and I can't commit suicide, but I plan to drink myself to death"

Jack Kerouac

Neighbor's Wild Bloody Mary 

Normally I'd tell you how to make one but Neighbor's
makes their own Bloody Mary mix.
The ground rules of this drink are pretty easy.

Vodka + Bloody Mary Mix + Crazy Garnish = Bloody Mary

This particular Bloody Mary is the best we've had so far this year. Lets just say the Wicked Hop is is lucky that this bar is all the way out in Waukesha.  

A lot of people judge a Bloody Mary by its garnish alone. This leads to a lot of bacon and shrimp and who-ha hanging out on a weak sauce Bloody Mary. I would make the comparison that it's kind of like a movie with great special effects but no plot (Green Lantern in 3D). What makes a great Bloody Mary? It’s in the mix. This one is good. Go try one. Now.

Neighbors Bar & Grille
S16 W22255 Arcadian Ave.
Waukesha WI 53186
If you go to Neighbor's be prepared to dance...

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eating Out: Honeypie

I really like Comet. Seriously I do. So I was excited to check out Honeypie.  Everyone loves Honeypie. Everyone that has ever been to Honeypie loves it. They all say "you have to go to honeypie!". Honeypie is known for awesome baked desserts, really awesome cupcakes and pies. People say things like "you have to try the dessert!" It's also known for brunch. People say "you have to go for brunch!" People like to like this restaurant. It's almost trendy to say this is your favorite restaurant.

So I went to Honeypie. I went for brunch.

I did not expect it to be decorated like a hunting shack up in Yaderhey. It was actually kind of interesting to see hipsters dining in a place like this.  Hipsters tend to have a genetic tendency to be vegans or vegetarians and the walls have dead things on them. I enjoyed the juxtaposition.

If you show up here be prepared to wait for a table. You're probably thinking "ok that’s cool I'll just get a drink and hang out up at the bar until a table opens up".  Oh no you will not. You will stand with everyone else at the front door and watch people eat their meals. The wait is the same for the bar as it is for a table.  You'll need to find the host with the clipboard and put your name in. Then you can stand for 30 min by the door dodging in and out of the staff's way.

When you do get to sit down you can smile with a smug satisfaction that you are no longer one of the poor souls up front waiting to sit down, watching with hungry eyes for a table to open up. Then you will realize that those people are actually going to watch you eat your meal over the next half an hour, quietly judging you.  Ok, its not that bad but it is kind of funny.

Scallop Benedict

This was pretty good. I know, I know, Honeypie is known for locally sourced food and I order scallops. I really hope these didn't come from Lake Michigan. Bacon good, muffin good, scallops good.
I'd order it again.

I was here for brunch so I might as well rate the bloody mary right? I'm sorry Honeypie, it needs work. It was watery and had no kick. I don't care if you put a pound of bacon on top of it, even then it would be a weak bloody mary with a pound of bacon on top of it. I need a thicker mix. However if you do put a pound of bacon on it in the future I would eat it with a smile.

Your beermosa however, was great.

Yes, we tried the pie. The pie is good. If you have an event or something that you have to bring a dessert to, stop in, get some pie and go home a hero. The desserts are everything people say they are.

All in all, I'd go there again but if the wait was long I would be the first person in my group to suggest we try some place else.

I wanted so bad to fall in love with you. I wanted to buy a shirt with your logo on it. I wanted to tell all my friends that Honeypie is my new favorite restaurant. I'm sorry Honeypie, its not you, it’s me. We can still be friends and hey if we are drunk at a party sometime and we end up making out again, I wouldn't be ashamed. I like your pie. I like your cupcakes. But I just don't love you. You're a popular place, you'll find other customers and besides I've been seeing your big sister Comet for some time now. How would she feel if she found out about us? I hope you have a great life and that great things happen for you.

If you've been to Honeypie please feel free to put something down in the comments section below. Maybe I'm wrong on this one, maybe I missed something. Ask my family and friends they will tell you that I am often wrong about a lot of things. If you've never been to Honeypie, go check them out.

Go Eat

2643 S. Kinnickinnic Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Coquette Cocktail

“I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day.”

Frank Sinatra
The Coquette Cocktail

 Coquette Cocktail
2 ounces Grey Goose Vodka
2 ounce Peaches Mathilde
Muddled mint and suger
Shaken and poured into a tall glass
topped off with seltzer
Drink & Repeat

A summer day in glass. Its a refreshing mood enhancing drink that's sure to brighten up your day. If it's 90 degrees out or if you just want to pretend its not winter, this works. Try it at home or visit Coquette and have it made by an expert.

Coquette Cafe
316 N Milwaukee St
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Eating Out: BALZAC

I got a text from a friend asking what I was up too.  I replied back saying that I was heading over to Balzac for dinner. His reply was "Lol ball sack". True story.

I know, not my best intro.

Walking into Balzac, you are confronted with the question of getting a table or joining the shenanigans already in progress at the bar. The tables are dark and quite, perfect for a date night or just a nice meal out. Some places try and cram so many tables in their dining room that you feel like your eating with the table next to you. This is not the case at Balzac, you get enough space to really zone out into your own world. However if you are looking for more of a pub, the bar is fun and full of eastside charm. Balzac is casual, so if you are dressed to the nines, or if your vintage outfit cost a total of 9 dollars, either way you'll fit in here.

Balzac is sure to please even the geekiest of wine snobs. The wine list is an impressive 18 pages long. Prices range from a 4 dollar taste of 2009 Luzon Red Blend,  up to a 360 dollar bottle of 2001 Guigal Cote-Rotie "La Mouline" and they have everything in between. So even if you don't know much about wine you'll find something at your level and flights are available if you want to explore. *They have beer too.*

Roth Grand Cru Gruyere Surchoix
Carr Valley Billy Boy Bleu

This cheese plate is the perfect appetizer to pair with a wine flight.

Fresh Prince Edward Island mussels and smoky
chorizo sausage served in a saffron garlic broth with bread

Sometimes you order mussels and they come soaked in oil and butter... refreshingly these are not.

Stewed oxtail and shank with carrots, potatoes, pearl
onions and topped with a flaky crust

If I lived close I would eat this every day.

So Balzac, lets wrap it up.  Awesome food. Great wine list. Prices are super affordable but if you want to be a big spender they are more then happy to take your money. You can wear jeans; you can wear a suit or a fancy dress. If you are a corporate planner and you're looking for an impressive place to rent out for a night to wow some big wigs or if you're just a college student with 50 bucks to spend on a date Balzac is absolutely a great choice.


1716 North Arlington Place
Milwaukee, WI 53202-1619
(414) 755-0099
Across from Hi Hat Lounge and Garage at the corner of Arlington & Brady.
3pm to Bartime Monday to Saturday
10am to Bartime Sunday

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine's Day Specials

Yes, love is in the air and Eat MKE is here to make it simple to pick the restaurant you will take her to. Ladies perhaps you should share this post on your facebook or your twitter to give him a reminder. For those of you who are about to say "Valentines Day is a made up holiday, blah blah blah..." it's Wisconsin, it's winter, the packers aren't in the Superbowl, so what exactly do you have going on? Eat MKE has done the homework and sent out the emails. Here is what we found in no particular order. 
If we missed your favorite restaurant please let us know in the comments below!

But first this short video by some server that we found on youtube. Caution F bombs are dropped.

Screaming Tuna

3 Course Meal for $35

How does an Oyster appetizer, Surf and Turf entree, and Cheesecake dessert sound? But maybe she's in more of a Spring Roll, Sushi Platter, & Tempura Banana kind of mood. Sharing a spark doesn't always mean sharing the same appetite. That's why we give you choices! A special 3 course dinner of your choosing, with specialty cocktails just for the evening to help you & yours get in the spirit. Come hungry. Leave happy.

Screaming Tuna414 763-1637
106 W. Seeboth 
Milwaukee, WI 53204

VIA Downer

VIA Downer has a 4 course meal that will run you 75 for a couple or 40 if your going stag. However if you want to have the full experience VIA Downer has paired wines with each course for 90 per couple and 50 for the lonely hearts club. Take a look.

(Choose one)
Paired w/ Dipinti | Pinot Grigio or Tabali | Sauvignon Blanc
A sample of Via’s signature crostinis: Milano, Traditional, Parvardeh
Shrimp Cocktail delicately served straight up in a martini glass with cocktail sauce

Zuppa & Insalata
(One per guest)
Paired w/ Tabali | Sauvignon Blanc or Trapiche | Malbec
Baked French Onion served with melted provolone cheese and toasted Italian bread
Mixed greens, green apple, toasted walnuts and goat cheese

(Choose two)
Grilled Tenderloin: A tenderloin grilled to choice over a crispy risotto cake with a port wine glaze, crumbled gorgonzola cheese and sautéed kale
Paired w/ Alberti 154 | Merlot
Salmon Oscar: Baked Salmon with crab meat over a potato pancake with Béarnaise sauce and spinach
Paired w/ Hob Nob| Pinot Noir or Grayson | Oaked Chardonnay
Primavera de la Cruz: Zucchini, squash, and red peppers in marinara over a bed of linguini finished with fresh basil and a dash of oregano
Paired w/ Hullabaloo | Zinfandel or St. Innocent | Pinot Gris

Complemented w/ Prosecco or a fresh brewed Valentine’s Espresso
Sample Via’s Gelato selection: Caramel Sea Salt, Chocolate, Frutti di Bosco

VIA Downer414-501-4510
2625 N. Downer Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53211


Sanford's is offering a 4-course menu for Valentine's Day.  Guest choose their appetizer, entree and dessert and there will be a set soup course.  It will be $85/person for food and they are holding reservations with a credit card number.  They currently have reservations available from 8:15-9:15. Call to reserve your spot.

1547 N Jackson St
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Transfer Pizzeria Cafe

Is serving its regular nightly specials with live music and half of bottles of wine. Simple can be sweet.

Transfer Pizzeria Cafe 414-763-0438
101 W Mitchell St
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Coquette Cafe

Le Menu de la Saint-Valenti
3 Courses for $45.00
(Includes a Complementary Glass of Champagne) 
Course 1: $12.95 Ala Carte Classic Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 
Course 2: $29.95 Ala Carte Pan Seared Sea Scallops and Grilled Hanger Steak
Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes, Haricot Verts, Hollandaise Sauce, Red Wine Demi-Glace
Course 3: $5.95 Ala Carte Grand Marnier Crème Brulee with Fresh Berries

Coquette Cafe414-291-2655
316 N Milwaukee St # 212
Milwaukee, WI 53202-5885

Milwaukee Ale House Grafton

Valentine’s Week Specials
Offered Saturday February 11 – February 14

Appetizer $8.95
Crab and artichoke dip served with parmesan flat bread and crostini

Soup: Cup $4.95 Bowl $5.95
Shrimp bisque, topped with crab meat and chive sour cream

Entrée: $23.95
NY Strip 2oz strip steak served with caramelized onion mash potatoes, fried mushrooms, green beans and finished with herb butter.

Dessert: 6.95
Molten Lava Cake, warm chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream and berry sauce.

Milwaukee Ale House Grafton262-375-2337
1208 13th Street
Grafton, WI 53024

Mason Street Grill

Valentine's Three Course Dinner Starting at $79.00  + tax and gratuity per couple

Enjoy a three course dinner and live music in Mason Street Grill.
Each lady will receive a $25 WELL Spa + Janice Salon gift card.
$79 + tax and gratuity per couple without wine
$109 + tax and gratuity per couple with a bottle of sparking wine

First Course (choice of one)
Lobster Bisque
Seasonal Soup, Inspired Daily
Celery and Apple Salad, Belgian Endive, Candied Walnuts, Roquefort Dressing
Mason Street Grill Signature Chopped Salad

Main Course (choice of one)
Filet Mignon , with Bearnaise, Bordelaise, or Peppercorn Cognac Sauce
Black Angus Short Ribs, Golden Mashed Potatoes
New York Strip, Herbed Garlic Butter
Atlantic Salmon, Olive Tapenade, Tomato “ Chow Chow”
Grilled Mahi Mahi, Tare Glaze, English Cucumber, Key Lime Cashew Butter

Sides for Sharing (one per couple)
Steamed Broccoli
Sauteed Sugar Snap Peas
Delmonico Potatoes
Macaroni and Cheese
Creamed Spinach

Dessert Trio
White and Dark Chocolate Strawberries
Raspberry Mousse, Almond Dacquoise
Chocolate Orange Profriteroles
Reservations highly recommended.  

Available Friday, February 10 (5pm-10pm) and Saturday, February 11 (5pm-11pm), and Tuesday, February 14, 2012, (5pm-10pm) based on availability.
Live music on Friday (Phil Seed Trio) and Saturday (Jonathan Wade Trio) from 6pm-11pm.

Mason Street Grill414-298-3131
425 E Mason Street
Milwaukee WI 53202

Lake Park Bistro

Ravioli de Homard
Lobster ravioli with cauliflower cream,
Savoy cabbage and fine herbes

Daube du Bœuf
Beef short rib braised in red wine with potato puree,
Swiss chard and sautéed mushrooms

Mousse au Framboise
Chocolate covered raspberry mousse with
crème anglaise and toasted hazelnut

Lake Park Bistro3133 E. Newberry Blvd.
Milwaukee WI. 53211

Cafe Benelux
Valentine's Day Menu

Half a dozen Prince Edward Island
“Naked Cowboy” oysters on the half shell
with cocktail and mignonette sauce

Crab and artichoke spread with
Parmesan pannenkoeken chips

Spring greens with honey basil vinaigrette,
roasted endive, candied walnuts, and feta

Seared scallops with soft polenta,
tomato salpican and a red wine reduction

Bone-in ribeye steak with braised rainbow
chard and basil compound butter

Fresh figs with whipped cheese,
lavender-infused honey, and blueberries

Benelux Grand Cafe346 N Broadway
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Cafe Centraal

Half a dozen Prince Edward Island
“Naked Cowboy” oysters on the half shell
with a chili lime mignotte sauce

Warm artichoke hearts salad with
grilled hearts of romaine, crisp pancetta,
red onion, and sweet mini peppers;
topped with an avocado basil honey vinaigrette
and garnished with a Parmesan crisp

Espresso-crusted prime top sirloin with
fig and port reduction and wilted spinach;
topped with toasted pinenuts

Chocolate-dipped long stem strawberries
injected with Grand Marnier

Café Centraal2306 S Kinnickinnic
Bay View, Wisconsin 53207


Half a dozen Prince Edward Island
“Naked Cowboy” oysters on the half shell
with cocktail and mignonette sauce

Tomato basil soup with
a Parmesan crouton

Pan-seared skate wing over pine nut and
dried cherry pilaf, with balsamic cherries
and white and purple asparagus

Veal cutlets with a lemon caper sauce,
honey rosemary crusted vegetables and
a Pinot Noir glaze

Espresso-crusted prime top sirloin with an
asparagus, red bell pepper, and basil salad
Chocolate-dipped long stem strawberries
injected with Grand Marnier

Saffron and champagne poached pears with
quenelle of cinnamon mascarpone sorbet
and a chocolate hazelnut pirouline

Trocadero Gastrobar1758 N Water
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Cafe Hollander - Tosa

Half a dozen Prince Edward Island
“Naked Cowboy” oysters on the half shell
with cocktail sauce and mignotte sauce
Margherita flatbread with vine-ripe tomatoes,
fresh mozzarella, basil and extra virgin olive oil

Seared scallops served over a bed of linguine,
tossed in a white wine cream sauce with
shitake mushrooms, roasted red peppers and leeks
Tandem Dubbel-marinated ribeye,
served with honey-infused sweet potato mash
and a side of asparagus cooked in rosemary oil

Chocolate-dipped long stem strawberries
injected with Grand Marnier
Flourless chocolate cake topped with a
honey, chili, and fig sauce, and mixed berries


An appetizer to share
Toasted baguette slices spread with warm goat cheese,
drizzled with espresso balsamic glaze, served
with housemade tomato bruschetta
Cheddar, Swiss, and Brie cheeses, served with
fig chutney, grapes, and toasted boule bread
Herb cream cheese, portobello, shitake, and oyster
mushrooms, shaved Pecorinio cheese, and Rosemary oil
on toasted country French bread
Margherita flatbread with vine-ripe tomatoes,
fresh mozzarella, basil and extra virgin olive oil

A salad for each
Mixed greens, tomatoes, roasted artichokes,
candied walnuts, and bleu cheese, tossed in
balsamic vinaigrette
Hearts of romaine with avocado, croutons,
creamy garlic dressing and Parmesan cheese

An entree for each
Seared scallops served over a bed of linguine,
tossed in a white wine cream sauce with
shitake mushrooms, roasted red peppers and leeks
Tandem Dubbel-marinated ribeye,
served with honey-infused sweet potato mash
and a side of asparagus cooked in rosemary oil

A dessert to share
Chocolate-dipped long stem strawberries
injected with Grand Marnier
Flourless chocolate cake topped with a
honey, chili, and fig sauce, and mixed berries

$70 per couple
Includes the full tasting menu and
a glass of Tandem Dubbel or house wine each

Café Hollander - Wauwatosa7677 W State Street
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53213

Cafe Hollander - Milwaukee

Half a dozen Prince Edward Island
“Naked Cowboy” oysters on the half shell
with cocktail sauce and mignotte sauce

Grilled lemon artichoke with
chili honey dipping sauce

Tomato basil soup with a
Parmesan crouton

Grilled mahi mahi served with
a marinated artichoke salad with
honey pepper mustard

Pork medallions in a cherry wine
reduction sauce with root vegetable puree
and braised fennel

Chocolate-dipped long stem strawberries
injected with Grand Marnier

Ice cream with mini crunch pieces,
fresh fruit and a raspberry cherry sauce

Café Hollander - Downer Avenue2608 N Downer
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211

Stone Bank Pub & Eatery
Stone Bank Pub & Eatery’s Valentine’s Menu


Shrimp Cocktail
Jumbo shrimp served with homemade cocktail sauce.
Full Order (10) - $23.95     Half Order (5) - $13.95.

Spinach Artichoke Dip
Served Hot with Homemade Crostini for dipping.

Wonton Stix
Mozzarella or Pepper Jack cheese wrapped in Wontons
Served with marinara sauce.

Soup ‘o Day
Cream of Mushroom or Seafood Bouillabaisse
Cup - $3.95     Bowl - $4.95

House Pub Salad
A bed of mixed greens topped with a blend of wild rice, red onion,
sliced fresh mushroom, and croutons.

Irish Dip - $8.50
Reuben - $8.95
Danny Boy - $9.50
Pub Burger - $7.95
St. Patrick Grilled Chicken - $8.95

All sandwiches are served with choice of potato


Prime Rib
Succulent tender Prime Rib roasted to your specification. Choice of cut.
Served with vegetables and your choice of potato.
Queen (13 oz.)-$22.95     King (18oz.)-$25.95     Pub (22 oz.)-$29.95

Beef Tenderloin Filet
8 oz. Filet with Mushroom Madera Demi-Glace Sauce, Garlic Smashed Potatoes, and House Vegetables.

San Francisco Seafood Cioppino
Seared Cod Filet with Clams, Mussels, and Shrimp served over toasted Garlic Sourdough Bread in a Chorizo/Tomato Broth.

Braised Lamb Shank
Lamb Shank slow cooked with a Savory Sauce and served over Garlic Smashed Potatoes with House Vegetables.

Maine Lobster Tail
8 oz. Maine Lobster Tail with Vanilla Champagne Butter. 
Served with House vegetables and choice of potato.

Campanelle Pasta with Sausage Bolognese
Spicy Italian Sausage, Garlic, Cream, and Italian Plum Tomato Ragu tossed with Campanelle Pasta and finished with Basil and shredded Parmigiano cheese.

 Rack of Ribs
Slow cooked and finished on the grill.
Served with House Vegetables and choice of potato.
Full Rack - $21.95    Half Rack - $15.95

All entrees are served with bread and a pub salad or cup of soup

Stone Bank Pub & Eatery
(262) 966-1995
N67w33395 County Rd K 
Oconomowoc, WI 53066


Hello Everyone:

The big day is upon us tomorrow evening and we just wanted to let you all know that we still do have availability at select times for Valentine's Day dinner tomorrow nite. We will be serving our entire regular menu along with some spectacular entree, appetizer and dessert specials.  Please call us at (414) 964-TESS (8377) if Tess can be part of your Valentine's Day celebration!

Bon Appetit!

Mitchell Wakefield

(414) 964-8377
2499 N Bartlett Ave 
Milwaukee, WI 53211

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