Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tip Of The Week: Well Done! Oh NO!!!!!!!

State of Eat MKE 3 (wow 3 years... )

Hey Friends of Eat MKE!

I know Dy Mixes has been posting on this blog since I went MIA, and all I can say is THANKS DY!

Where have I been? Ok well one I got married. Yup I met the perfect girl and I put a ring on it. So that happened. And then... I stopped posting. Why? Part I was lazy, and two well this blog doesn't exactly make me money.

Please bear with me. If I go to a restaurant and pay to eat there and then pull out a camera and take pictures of the food, that costs me money and pretty much makes going out to eat with my wife a job. Which would be fine if we got paid... but we do not sadly....

If I spend time contacting restaurants and getting to hang out with their chef and take photos that costs me a night at work and some restaurants don't really understand what I'm doing ( giving them fucking free fucking advertising Fuck!) so that kind of sucks.

I'm trying to figure out a way that this blog doesn't cost me money so I can get back at it. Which is why I stopped paying for Which is why my website is gone. Which is fine, the website only ever pointed web traffic to this blog so... no big deal.

I originally wanted to use this blog as a way for restaurants in and around Milwaukee to showcase what they do well. I am still going to try to make that happen.

I now wait tables at a well-known steakhouse. It's been great and I've been able to leave my job at the French bistro I have worked at for the past 5 years. So I have more time on my hands... so of course this leads to a semi drunk blog update... and a promise of more Eat MKE updates.

So if you read this blog please shoot me an email at let me know what’s on your mind. Ideas people?

Otherwise enjoy this video.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Just One Shift

Everybody loves drinking... especially thirsty people. Right now, in the 21st century, nearly one billion people of Earth's people lack access to clean water. They are families all over the globe. Just about every 20 seconds, like a grim metronome, a child dies from a water-borne illness. Every 20 seconds, a family watches helplessly while a little one struggles for one last breath... the last breath.

Enter a hero. In 2009, CNN selected Doc Hendley as one of its Heroes of the Year for his work to solve this crisis. His charity, Wine to Water, has been raising funds since 2004 to dig wells where clean water can be had, and to distribute filteration systems where it cannot. Doc is one man, but he does not work alone.  He is getting assistance from Gary "Gaz" Regan, who is well-known in mixology circles.

Hendley and Regan are calling on us all to help save the lives of people whose only crime was being born in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are asking us to do a simple thing, a small thing -- for some of you, he is asking only that you go about your business as you normally would with no deviation at all. They are asking bartenders to donate Just One Shift, and I am asking you to join me in answering the call.

Just One Shift is a program where bartenders donate their tips from one night's work to the Wine to Water, a 501(c)(3) organization. The program runs during the second week of April, and I have chosen to donate the first night of the event. Please come to the Delafield Brewhaus after 5p.m. and give generously; 100% of my tips will go to this worthy cause, and 100% of all money donated to Wine to Water will be used to provide clean water worldwide, wherever it is needed most.

If you cannot attend, consider making a donation here. Any amount is welcome, and as little as $30 can provide clean water for a family of ten for up to five years. If you are a bartender and would like to get involved or host an event, click here. People cannot go without water to drink, and we are all so blessed by comparison. Thank your lucky stars that you are on the giving end of this proposition, and please do what you can.