Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eating Out: Honeypie

I really like Comet. Seriously I do. So I was excited to check out Honeypie.  Everyone loves Honeypie. Everyone that has ever been to Honeypie loves it. They all say "you have to go to honeypie!". Honeypie is known for awesome baked desserts, really awesome cupcakes and pies. People say things like "you have to try the dessert!" It's also known for brunch. People say "you have to go for brunch!" People like to like this restaurant. It's almost trendy to say this is your favorite restaurant.

So I went to Honeypie. I went for brunch.

I did not expect it to be decorated like a hunting shack up in Yaderhey. It was actually kind of interesting to see hipsters dining in a place like this.  Hipsters tend to have a genetic tendency to be vegans or vegetarians and the walls have dead things on them. I enjoyed the juxtaposition.

If you show up here be prepared to wait for a table. You're probably thinking "ok that’s cool I'll just get a drink and hang out up at the bar until a table opens up".  Oh no you will not. You will stand with everyone else at the front door and watch people eat their meals. The wait is the same for the bar as it is for a table.  You'll need to find the host with the clipboard and put your name in. Then you can stand for 30 min by the door dodging in and out of the staff's way.

When you do get to sit down you can smile with a smug satisfaction that you are no longer one of the poor souls up front waiting to sit down, watching with hungry eyes for a table to open up. Then you will realize that those people are actually going to watch you eat your meal over the next half an hour, quietly judging you.  Ok, its not that bad but it is kind of funny.

Scallop Benedict

This was pretty good. I know, I know, Honeypie is known for locally sourced food and I order scallops. I really hope these didn't come from Lake Michigan. Bacon good, muffin good, scallops good.
I'd order it again.

I was here for brunch so I might as well rate the bloody mary right? I'm sorry Honeypie, it needs work. It was watery and had no kick. I don't care if you put a pound of bacon on top of it, even then it would be a weak bloody mary with a pound of bacon on top of it. I need a thicker mix. However if you do put a pound of bacon on it in the future I would eat it with a smile.

Your beermosa however, was great.

Yes, we tried the pie. The pie is good. If you have an event or something that you have to bring a dessert to, stop in, get some pie and go home a hero. The desserts are everything people say they are.

All in all, I'd go there again but if the wait was long I would be the first person in my group to suggest we try some place else.

I wanted so bad to fall in love with you. I wanted to buy a shirt with your logo on it. I wanted to tell all my friends that Honeypie is my new favorite restaurant. I'm sorry Honeypie, its not you, it’s me. We can still be friends and hey if we are drunk at a party sometime and we end up making out again, I wouldn't be ashamed. I like your pie. I like your cupcakes. But I just don't love you. You're a popular place, you'll find other customers and besides I've been seeing your big sister Comet for some time now. How would she feel if she found out about us? I hope you have a great life and that great things happen for you.

If you've been to Honeypie please feel free to put something down in the comments section below. Maybe I'm wrong on this one, maybe I missed something. Ask my family and friends they will tell you that I am often wrong about a lot of things. If you've never been to Honeypie, go check them out.

Go Eat

2643 S. Kinnickinnic Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207

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  1. The service at this restaurant is a serious, serious problem. I was there twice recently. I'm used to being ignored (I'm a middle aged woman) but was surprised to be ignored again when I came with my audaciously handsome 21-year-old son. The place was not busy: more waitstaff than customers, and the waitstaff were talking to each other, studiously ignoring us standing in that exceptionally awkward space you are made to stand in. Given the number of comments I've read about just this problem (no eye contact, rude or indifferent staff), I guess it's what they want to be. But I won't go back again ever.

  2. Disagree and Disagree. I can't believe how different our experiences have been. Still my favorite restaurant.