Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eating Out: Downtown Delafield

I had to dog sit this past week. It was pretty sweet, I got to stay out in Delafield in a pretty nice house with a well stocked fridge. The downside was that I was responsible for 2 golden retrievers, a boxer, and a viszla. On top of that these people have one of those giant white birds that can say "I love you" but more often it likes to make a screeching noise that can pretty much drive you insane. I love my pets but 4 dogs running playing and barking on top of that screeching bird... I needed a drink. So I ventured out into Delafield... this is an account of that trip.
Revere's Wells Street Tavern
505 Wells St
Delafield Wi 53018

I thought I would start off with a beer and eat something that would soak up some of the booze I planned to be drinking later. I headed over to Revere's... and look at this.

No this isn't a special order, this is actually on the menu. It's called the Double Revere Extraordinaire. Two grilled cheese sandwiches make up the bun of this monster bacon cowboy burger. It probably has enough calories to fuel the average human for 2 days. It is the only burger I've ever had to eat with a knife and fork. Be warned you may need a nap after this one.

Revere's Wells Street Tavern on Urbanspoon

601 Milwaukee Street
Delafield, WI 53018

I didn't take a nap. I kept going for better or worse and I wandered up to this little Mexican cantina.

I wanted to order food, it smelled good... but I was full from Revere's. I decided on a small margarita and some chips instead. Yep a small margarita is roughly 24 ounces. This is one of those places that you could come on a sunny afternoon and waste all day sitting on the patio sampling tequilas until closing time. I plan to do just that soon as the weather gets better.

Mazatlan on Urbanspoon

Zin “Uncommon Cal Italian”
629 Main Street
Delafield, WI 53018

After that I did need to go home and catch a nap but when I woke up I got right back on the horse in search of more local eats and drinks. Next on the list was Zin. Its a cute place right off the main drag of downtown. The wine list is pretty good so I started working my way through the by the glass selection and ordered up a BBQ chicken flat bread and some ahi tuna skewers. The flat bread was really good. It was nice and soft and the skewers weren't bad either. The decor of this place is very cool and colorful with lit stain glass panels covering the walls. Glad I stopped in and I need to make a note to come back and try an entree next time I'm in town.

Zin Uncommon Cal Italian on Urbanspoon

Kurt's Steak House
22 West Main Street
Delafield WI 53018

It's dark, its an old place, it's walls are covered with rustic wood, it's one of those places a person could order a bold red wine and disappear into the shadows to have a shady conversation about illegal activities... you know "take care of business". Ok maybe that's just because I watch Boardwalk Empire and there are pictures of Charlie "Lucky" Luciano on the walls. The menu isn't new and contemporary, it's filled with old classics. Your grandmother would like you to take her here so she could show you what food should taste like. I had some crab stuffed mushrooms and some chicken liver. Left full once again, and satisfied.

Kurt's Steak House on Urbanspoon

Fishbone's Cajun & Creole
1704 Milwaukee Street
Delafield, WI 53018

I'm full again, second time today that I have no room in me for anything solid. I headed down to the lake front and stumbled into Fishbone's. The bartender was awesome. He poured me a generous helping of scotch, and a key lime martini for dessert. He insisted we try some food so to appease him we got some ceviche. It was good, later he brought out some guacamole to go with it. This is another place I need to come back to with an empty stomach because I'm very interested in finding out what the chef was apparently burning in the kitchen. Every few minutes I saw a tower of flames rise up off his grill. I will be coming back.

Fishbone's Cajun & Creole on Urbanspoon

The story ends with me going home, letting the dogs outside, getting screamed at by the bird, and passing out with the TV on.  Best day ever? Maybe not, but still pretty good.


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